fredag 14. september 2012

Surf punks

Burning  fat

Breakslow, Punk Junk from Loms Kiwi

Gas was hard to find, but diesel was for free

Sleepy Cars

Surf Punks 

Camping at Ervika, nice evening

Total eclipse!  

Nice trip, punks with heavy trucks and nasty dogs.

søndag 11. september 2011

Crossing The Reef

Another success story, of concur the almighty deep blue velvet. This time we are back on Hvaler the surfing capital of Østfold. Andre are loaded with strength, after a furious day in the office, and me from scrubbing the floor of the long summers party.
Its Autumn weather, small bris and some rain drops, but water still is + 16, a pleasant temperature for cold blooded. We sett of in our Eskimo boats towing the boards behind, this time with a helmet camera to document our adventure, a new an smart technology that we`ll be using more.
The aim is a island 3 km out in the ocean, we bee passing birdnest rocks and crossing open sea til we end up in a safe bay on the back side of the island Akerøy. Hurricane Irene had stirred up the Atlantic and sent us this mayhem. Waves was strong but currents even stronger! Andre got caught up in a tidal current on its way to Kattegat. I had smelled the danger and landed on our safe beach, after a hour of paddling Andre finally caught up with me. But he was shocked and wasn't keen to enter that tide with his surfboard. We calmed down with sausage number five, some tee and chocolate. Sun was about to dive into ocean, and darkness was on the doorstep, then we saw a beautiful tube rumbling on a reef far out of reach.

fredag 23. oktober 2009


Lets Go Surfing!!
Oh, what a wave!

Jarls tent flew away, little after this

He made a angry throw up

Andre use wax

Oh, what a wave!

Uh, what a wave!

Next day sun came to our camp

Breakfast is essential

More sun came upon our bodies

Brown and tender

Going for a walk

Making shadow rabbits in the grass

Even more sun came, beautiful Ellen and heir rover

Sow we decide to go

Beautiful bay

Hello beach

Small waves -big salmon, caught with our own hands

Swedish sweet boys arrived


One trip long ago.. Me Andre and Jarl, had a perfect wave